Always two steps ahead

Lidewij Edelkoort is one of the world’s most renowned trend forecasters.

Her work has pioneered trend forecasting as a profession; from the creation of innovative trend books and audiovisuals since the 1980s to long-ranging lifestyle analysis and research for the world’s leading brands today.

Lidewij announces the concepts, colours and materials which will be in fashion two or more years in advance because, “there is no creation without advance knowledge, and without design, a product cannot exist.” In this way, she and her closely-knit teams orientate professionals in interpreting the evolution of society and the foreshadowing signals of consumer tastes to come, without forgetting economic reality.


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Edelkoort Inc is part of the Trend Union group, created bz Lidewij Edelkoort that encompasses interacting divisions, each specialised in a specific area of activity: trend forecasting for Trend Union, strategic consulting with Studio Edelkoort and publishing for Edelkoort Editions and Exhibitions. 

Twice a year Lideiwj Edelkoort creates a collection of trend books and audiovisuals for the textile and fashion industries as well as the interior, design, beauty and well being markets. The trend books and the audiovisuals forecast trends in color, fabrics, shapes and stzle acoording to the most cutting edge consumer attitudes. Handmade, published in limited quantity and distributed worldwide. 

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“People think I am some kind of mystic. Yet all I do is pay attention.”

- Lidewij Edelkoort -