The A/W 18-19 Story


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"A good portrait opens the soul of the sitter to the world and professes faith in the power of picturing an unknown truth, a portrait is thus an artistic representation of a human, driven by the ideal to represent the personality and even catch the mood of the person, or cat or coat for that matter. It is a carefully composed image of a subject in an almost contemplative position, sitting still and imposing, an image in which the features and expression are overruling all other elements of landscape and décor. A portrait is therefore an image that is depicting the face, head and shoulders of the person, trying to somehow render the inner life and soul searching of the model, focusing on the character and charisma, depicting the aura that emanates from a human at times. This focus on the face and shoulders will create a stir in fashion where the portrait collar will become the new social media value, showing within one detail the essence of dress." 


The theme for F/W 18-19 is the idea of Portraits. If you would like to preview the books in person at our New York office, if you would like us to visit you at your office, or if you would like to preview the books Online if that is more convenient, please inquire below.