Private COnsulting

Edelkoort Inc. is a New York-based creative think-tank working on an international level, providing made-to-measure trend studies for brands in various industries. We collaborate together with our clients based on shared knowledge, mutual respect and confidence – bringing a modern and avant-garde approach.


1) Elaborating and advising on product identity & development strategy

Designing and defining strategic directions regarding a brand’s identity:

  • conceiving and designing products
  • operating on the mass market as well as on the luxury and upper range markets

2) State of affairs, brainstorming and prospecting

Our studies help understand the past to better visualize the future, while accompanying you during your entire thought process:

  • grasping the brand’s patrimony, heritage and functioning
  • crossing the fundamentals with our knowledge of trends, markets and competition
  • working in osmosis with our clients, we aim to provide made-to-measure, unique work

3) Trend studies and work on concepts

We have been listening to consumers and observing socio-cultural phenomena for over 14 years:

  • analysing and studying fashion and lifestyles which leads to forecasting major trends
  • developing new concepts in compliance with a brand’s identity and legacy
  • finding the means for implementing a strategic plan in the best possible manner

4) Colour and fabric inspiration

  • defining innovative colour ranges and harmonies, in keeping with the brand and its products
  • conducting thorough fabric research (appearance, performance, texture…) in order to provide the “right” attributes for products

5) New language

  • creating visual communication through iconographic work
  • illustrating sound and olfactory concepts
  • innovating studies on naming

6) Graphics, packaging & communications

  • intervening on product design and graphics, 2D and 3D packaging
  • adapting publicity concepts and events
  • developing forums for trade fairs



Studio Edelkoort’s field of action encompasses both global and local customers. Our forecasting ranges from the short term (6 months to 1 year) to the long term (3 to 10 years).

The following is a list of the areas of activity for which Studio Edelkoort’s know-how and services are renowned:

  • Paper industry: from paper to hygiene
  • Automobile: from concept to equipment
  • Beauty and skin care: from perfume to cosmetics
  • Mass consumption: from the food industry to maintenance products
  • Accessories: shoes, watches, jewelry
  • High-tech: from telecommunications to electric and electronic devices
  • Textile and garments: from sportswear to lingerie
  • Home environment: kitchen, bathroom, tabletop, textiles