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  • Edelkoort Inc. 354 West 11th Street New York, NY, 10014 United States (map)


Recent philosophy has rekindled the discussion about the material mind. This movement is called New Materialism and it advocates the vibrancy of matter, something that animists and shamans have believed for centuries: that matter has its own force and possess a mind of its own, that all other physical and mental processes are animated by the raw power of these substances – the result being matter upon matter, materializing the strong bonds people need to survive in the encroaching virtual web, which is jeopardizing our perception of tactility and human interaction.

Young designers are certainly leading this conversation with their inventions; using new machines to serve their purposes, reprogramming antiquated robots to construct their designs, hacking 3D printers to boost their ceramic forms and repurposing old mechanical looms for contemporary creation. Suddenly the machine is no longer the antithesis and enemy of making but the handmaid of the designer: enabling, embellishing and advancing creative production processes. Man and machine finally merge and become one.


11:00 welcome


12:40 WILD THINGS: contemporary design with soul

1:00 approximate end


Tickets: $275 per person/ $185 for current Trend Union clients
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(-10% for booking 4+)


Photography & filming are not permitted at this event

Earlier Event: January 19
FALL/ WINTER 2018-19