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Talking Textiles Conference

New York
September 14, 2017

The Auditorium
66 West 12th Street
New York

$150 General Admission
FREE for Students & Faculty (with current valid I.D.)

Textiles have the power to rekindle our faith in humanity. They bring together the fabric of culture through the crafted techniques that have been passed on throughout history. Whether it’s in the ceremonial dying of a natural yarn, the wearing of an embroidered veil or the upcycling of a discarded piece of trash, this year’s Talking Textiles Conference shows us how the loom can truly take materials to another level. come join 8 inspiring speakers from around the world to see the spirituality in textiles.

The Talking Textiles Conference is an inspiring and educational seminar about textiles for fashion and interiors - exploring the important trends, fabrics, yarns and techniques for the seasons to come. Hosted at Parsons in New York, the event elevates textile education for both students and professionals alike. 


9:00     guest arrival

9:15     welcome by Philip Fimmano, Edelkoort Inc.

9:30    STILL: new serene textiles from Mount Fuji by Li Edelkoort, trend forecaster & Dean of Hybrid Studies, The New School, Parsons School of Design

10:00 OUT OF FASHION / THE NEW FASHION by Birgitta de Vos, sustainable brand strategist

10:45 REINCARNATION by Suzanne Tick, designer

11:15      EARTH MATTERS: new sustainable textiles by Philip Fimmano, Edelkoort Inc.

11:30    touch break

11:45 NYS Regional Textiles: The Spirit of Place by Laura Sansone, The New School, Parsons School of Design

12:15 SPIRITUAL WEAVING IN CHINA by Angel Chang, fashion designer

12:45    touch break

1:30    MEET MAMA OCLLO: the Goddess of Weaving by Li Edelkoort, trend forecaster & Dean of Hybrid Studies, The New School, Parsons School of Design

1:45     FROM ALPACA TO VICUNA: Talking Textiles in Peru by Philip Fimmano, Edelkoort Inc.


2:30 UNVEILING THE VEIL by Denise Maroney, textile curator

3:00     2017 Dorothy Waxman Textile Design Prize Finalists & Winner Announcement by Dorothy Waxman, presented by Royce Epstein, Mohawk Group

3:30 approximate end



Li is arguably the world's most famous trend forecaster. Founded in 1986, her company Trend Union produces trend tools for strategists, designers and marketers at brands from Zara to Prada. She is also a publisher, humanitarian, educator and exhibition curator. In 2011, she launched an interactive online trend forum called Trend Tablet. In 2015 her much-talked about ANTI_FASHION Manifesto was the first to raise awareness about the shifts and upheavals currently experienced in the global fashion industry and she became Dean of Hybrid Studies at The New School, Parsons School of Design. In September 2016, as part of her deanship, Edelkoort founded New York Textile Month, a city-wide program featuring 70 events at museums, galleries, stores, showrooms, colleges and textile studios. She has recently worked with the weavers of the Yamanashi region in Japan to develop an innovative collection of beautiful textiles.



Fashion is all about exponential growth, producing faster and cheaper. With everybody rushing after the latest must have’s and do’s. We all see that this leads to copying and cloning and more of the same products. After years of working in the garment industry designer, photographer, artist and author Birgitta de Vos took time out and travelled the world. One year became 10 years. One country became many countries. She captured her findings in Out of Fashion / The New Fashion (2017), an inspirational journal, rekindling her initial passion for textiles. She also realized that time is not something we are short of, but a present we can only fully embrace, if we take our time and go slow. Previewing a future where silent branding, mending, contemplative clothing and unplugged crafting remind us again that we are creative beings.


Suzanne is the founder of Suzanne Tick Inc., specializing in materials brand strategy, product design, development, and direction for commercial interiors. She is known for her intelligent and enthusiastic approach to design in evolving markets, along with conviction to provide innovative solutions. In addition to her work in commercial Interiors, Suzanne maintains a hand weaving practice and creates woven sculptures from repurposed materials. Her work is exhibited worldwide, including MoMA and Art Basel, as well as collected by private and corporate clients. In 2016 Suzanne was honored to present her unique and personal approach to these hand-woven pieces with her TedXNavesink talk: Weaving Trash into Treasure. 



Laura Sansone is a textile designer, activist, and consultant. She is the creator of Textile Lab, a design and consulting company that supports environmentally responsible textile methods, and regional systems of production. Laura is currently a Part Time Assistant Professor at Parsons The New School For Design, School for Design Strategies (SDS). She has lectured about the economic revitalization of regional textile production at the following venues: Craft Ontario, Chromatic Geography/2017, Textile Society Of America’s Symposium, Cross Current, Land Labor and the Port/2016, Surface Design Association’s Made/Aware Symposium/ 2015, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design’s, Sow To Sow conference/ 2014, and the Textile Society Of America’s Symposium, New Directions/ 2014. Laura is has worked designing woven textiles for the following companies: Maharam, New York, NY, American Silk Mills, New York, NY and Burlington House Fabrics, New York, NY. 


Angel is a womenswear designer who creates versatile dressing solutions for worldly women on the go. Since 2009, Angel has worked closely with fabric masters in the rural mountain villages of Guizhou Province, China where ethnic minority families have maintained 1000-year old ancient handweaving and all-natural processes. She learned how to live according to the cycles of nature, off-the-grid and without electricity, and produced a womenswear collection with a nearly zero carbon footprint. Atelier ANGEL CHANG aims to bring global appreciation for indigenous craftsmanship and to revive traditional fabric-making practices in need of urgent safeguarding.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 3.32.16 PM.jpg


Textiles are among some of the oldest technologies developed by humankind and with very tight connections into the way we inhabit our environment and our planet. In the 21st Century, fabrics are indeed connected to the future of space exploration and some of the strategies to inhabit the cosmos. In this special talk, we will literally get a bit closer to the heavens! The audience will be taken on a ride through NASA's latest aerospace textiles, including 3D printed fabrics, an introduction to the field of space architecture and amazing materials that link out past and future!



DENISE MARONEY Denise is a curator and academic who has delved into textiles around the world, from Japan to Guatemala. She recently completed a course in curatorial studies at the Rhode Island School of Design where she focused on veils in different cultures. She has also worked as a designer and brand manager at Bokja in Beirut, a company synonymous with celebrating the diversity of global textiles and a forerunner to the upcycling movement. Based in New York, she is currently working with textile communities in Central America.