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  • The Auditorium Parsons, The New School 66 West 12th Street 10011 New York United States (map)


9:00 doors open

9:30 THE GENESIS OF COLOUR - Spring / Summer 2020 presented by Li Edelkoort

9:45 FOLKLORE - Spring / Summer 2020 presented by Li Edelkoort

11:15 short break

11:45 THE HOUSE IN COLOUR - Home & Interiors 2020 presented by Li Edelkoort

12:45 approximate end

Folklore is as old as humanity and can be seen as a mirror of culture, a key to society, a projection of the mind.

- Dundes


Spring / Summer 2020

Folklore can be considered the subconscious picture of oneself; a way in which people share an identity and congregate with a strong sense of belonging. They belong to the region, to the landscape, to the history and its culture, but most of all they belong to each other. In each village of each valley the ingredients are the same, yet the execution differs and adds another local layer of sacred expression. Folklore keeps reinventing itself as society moves from one period to another and generations are requested to establish their multiple identities. Clothes are craft minded cultural carriers of intricate woven textiles, sumptuous laces and openwork, festive ribbons and fringes, beading and embroideries. The study of the global span of folkloric fashions introduces new key garment shapes and teaches us a very important notion: not one folklore is unique and not one expression is singular; and that these symbols can also be seen as visual maps connecting the human condition.


Spring / Summer 2020

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

And the earth was without form, a void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep and unknown.

So begins the legend of creation which brings us a multitude of inspirations, reflecting very new directions in colour. A range of muted colours is presented, moving from the darkness of our times, into the light and shadows, followed by the evolution of new hues connected to natural elements and animals; culminating in a celebration of diversity through the beautiful brown tones of human skin. These nuances and monochromes herald a much softer way of designing colour for the summers to come.


Home & Interiors 2020

After twenty years of incredible autonomous design, with the development of innovative materials, the testing of other volumes and the inclusion of changing rituals, the new focus in the house of the future will be on the use of colour. This taste for colour is just beginning and will grow in the next decade, influencing consumers to become happier. The innate fear in people for using colour is gradually giving in to the joy of manipulating it to transform materials and give life to otherwise forgotten spaces and products. A splash of yellow can wake up a room, a shadow of grey can design a space, a touch of pink can make people smile. With the renaissance of colouring comes new codes of conduct, a contemporary culture of more local choices and unusual colour ranges, with incredibly sophisticated harmonies where the green range includes blue and yellow, the terra cotta range includes pink and slate, and the neutral range includes skin and bone; slightly off combinations to make the same old look brand new and enticing.

Colour will become demanding and will impose its rules and ruffles, thus changing objects by giving them another more vibrant energy. Actually modifying the way we move through space, how we design different rooms and live out a more expressive existence.

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$395 general admission

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Earlier Event: October 12
Later Event: January 15
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